Leonardo DiCaprio narrates more films about Climate Change

leo dicap climate change film

Green World Rising is a series of environmental films available for free online. The videos are supported and narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio.

There are three films released in the four part series, with the fourth film due out soon.

Episode 1: CARBON – why it is important to keep carbon in the ground by creating carbon pricing

Episode 2: Last Hours – how methane release melts the arctic, which triggers sea level rise and extreme climate events.

Episode 3: Green World Rising – how we can move forward with clean, renewable energy technology that moves us away from the centralized power grid

DiCaprio is no stranger to environmental film narration. He recently spoke at the UN Summit on Climate Change (2014), and has been an environmental activist for many years.

Watch the released videos of Green World Rising at: http://11thhourfilm.com/green-world-rising-eco-films/

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