The Uno is the one wheel electric motorcycle or unicycle

one wheeled motorcycle

While on a family trip to China, 17-year old Ben Gulak quickly spotted a source for much of the thick haze hanging over the city: smog-spewing motorbikes. Thousands of them, everywhere.

“Right then,” he says, “I decided that I wanted to create an alternative mode of transportation, something clean and compact.”

The UNO is was he developed, a one wheel motorcycle that truly balances out, and is electric, so it does not product pollution or carbon emissions. Right now there are 3 working prototypes. It only has one switch which is the power switch! To go forward you push your body weight forward to tilt the machine. To back up, just lean back. The farther you lean the faster it goes. Whats more is that this bike is electric so its more eco friendly.

Ben had some help from a few companies after selling his idea to them, but all they really did is give him some of the necessary components like the body, wheels, and the complex gyros to balance the cycle…

To find out more about the Uno, contact the designer on his website.


Uno One Wheel Motorcycle
One Wheel Motorcycle
Electric Motorcycle Unicycle

Electric One Wheel Motorcycle


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  1. Chris Taylor says:

    the bike looks gr8 but will it be mass made for sale to the genral public ?

  2. carlos morales says:

    I need information about the one wheel motorcycle. Please send me prices and tech info.